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Jib TRAXX is our 4x4 mobile platform for rapid jib relocation. That means that you can use a jib in lots of places at a single location WITHOUT losing loads of time rigging and derigging the jib. The jib is built on the buggy in about an hour, then we attach the camera kit and we’re ready to go. JibTRAXX can be driven around the location with minimum impact on the ground but maximum impact for your budget. No more hanging around waiting for the crew to drag a conventional jib from one spot to another we just simply drive it!

Book Jib TRAXX because.... for each set up at a location you loose at least 1.5hrs de-rigging and rebuilding a jib but by using our 4x4 buggy you can grab lost time back by just driving to each set up. No terrain is too tough for Jib TRAXX, it'll go anywhere from deep squelchy mud to rocks and sand, all you have to do is to get permission from the landowner. Just so you know JibTRAXX is not road registered yet so can’t be used on a public highway unless officially closed by the authorities but on private land we can go quite literally anywhere. And to put your mind at ease we hold £5million specialist public liability cover.

Rates start from just £225 per day plus vat for the buggy and £925 per day plus vat for an 18ft reach jib with Operator and Technician. Transporting the JIB TRAXX buggy to your location is charged at 65p + VAT per mile . Choose the right size jib for your production here.